I am so excited to share the good news. I have officially started college courses! I am working towards obtaining my degree in Marketing and Project management. At least that is the plan, I could adjust my major. Yes, I am in my thirties going to college! It is NEVER too late to start something, and I am glad I am taking this leap of faith. It’s an opportunity for me to expand my options in the work force, and provide for my family. I have big goals and dreams with this 5 year plan.

The weekend before a school starts, I took myself out of town. It was time to decompress, enjoy some family time, and rock my favorite jean jacket and adidas slip on sneakers I got at Costco.

Jen Hatmaker always asks this question on her podcast from Barbara Brown Taylor. “What is saving your life?”, those slip on sneakers are literally saving my life, my soul, my feet! Black coffee, The Red Queen Series, and collagen peptides are also saving my life.

Alright friends, with this short update, I say goodnight! It is time to look over my first class syllabus, try not to cry over student loans, and hit those books running!

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