I have spent the majority of my life writing. Back in day it was a diary, and if you didn’t have the key to my diary, you didn’t have the key to my heart. Then there was the epic LiveJournal stage of the new millennium. While I still carry a small journal, I have spent the past 10 years or so maneuvering through the land of blogging. Welcome to Love Laugh Avenue, my landing to share a little thought, a little love, and a little laughter to this life.

I am notorious for starting a blog, setting this grand intention, and completely abandoning ship. Toodles http://www.whatevercleverblognameicreated.com, I have neglected you. My thoughts this go round? Just go with it… Plus, I made a pact with my boyfriend. I am not allowed to purchase any more domains or web routing. This is it Love Laugh Avenue. It is you or no blog, all or nothing, it’s go time.

So, how about a little info on me? If I still have your attention, I am in my thirties, living in a rental, and working in the financial industry. I am a Brand Ambassador for an athletic wear company Four Athletics, which I will share more another time. I love my boyfriend, his daughter, and my 2 fur children Sophia & Stella. We make an adorable blended family. I like being active, and truly believe a hot yoga class can cure-all frustration from the workplace. I also like to be creative, and sometimes that is expressed through interior design, fashion, the kitchen, or my smokey eye.

Almost everyone has experienced some sort of heart ache, heart-break, tragedy, or life event that has rocked our core. We have certainly learned a thing or two about “adulting”. These “life experiences” have all created the building blocks for a story that is worth telling. So while I spend my weekends meal prepping, doing laundry, vacuuming my staircase (sometimes), and getting my feelings hurt by the Detroit Lion (hey football season), my hope is that I can give a little thought, a little love, and a little laughter to this life. In no particular order, here are my stories.


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